Solid Fuel/Coal

HawkMtn Labs has been offering Independent, Solid Fuel Sampling and Testing Services for over two decades beginning in 1985; initially only within the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania, but quickly to expand globally.

solid-fuel-coalOur services, coupled with logistics, made us an obvious choice to provide assistance with the start-up construction of the local Westwood Waste-Coal fluidized bed boiler. Since then, our services have been utilized by companies such as the Bechtel Corporation and Foster Wheeler Power Corporation in several turnkey start-up projects in the United States as well as with multiple energy minded companies throughout the world.



Today, our solid fuel energy client represents a diversified portfolio of combustible

materials, ranging from energy producers, speculators, power plant operators, coal contractors to construction companies.

HML provides you with an Independent 3rd party sampling service to ensure that unbiased, representative samples are obtained of the intended material.

Sampling techniques and processes are in accordance with

ASTM D2013,D6883, 5192, D2234 sampling methods or as accepted by all parties involved.

In addition to procuring grab-railcar and core samples our team is also available to do the following:

  • Hydraulic Conductivity/Permeability by Flexible Wall Permeameter
  • Compaction Field Testing Services: In place nuclear moisture/density gauge
  • Stock Pile Valuation