Systematic Testing and Inspection of construction practices & materials utilized during construction, will ensure that your project specifications and sustainability goals are met.

Geotechnical & Background Characterization

Our Geo Technical Physical Sampling and Testing Team can be contracted to conduct on-site field sampling procedures, analysis of soils, aggregates, etc. , and take core samples of such mediums to evaluate, characterize materials for reuse or disposal purposes and install shallow ground water monitoring wells.

Construction and Reclamation site services

Sub-Base Construction/ Field & Lab Compaction Services
HawkMtn Labs is capable of analyzing site materials for suitability in accordance with your quality control plans, then performing quality assurance services on site as your project progresses.

concrete testing  2On-site soil testing for compaction and moisture is conducted using Troxler moisture density gauges. Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometers are used to determine bearing capacity of footers and other load bearing locations. Data from these tests are downloaded directly from the Troxler ™ gauge into our database, thus ensuring nearly error free reporting.

If further site investigations are required, HML can provide testing of runoff water for suitability in compliance with local codes and other similar services. HML can also provide coring and drilling services with our Track GeoProbe™ DPT Rigs. Our lab can also provide testing of reclamation materials to ensure compliance with permit limits for various elements.

GeoProbe ™Direct Push Technology (DPT)rubber track boring rigs equipped with tooling and consumables to conduct sampling events

  • 6620 Series medium size rubber track DPT rig -5ft Borings capable of continuous sampling up to depth of 100’
  • 5400 Series small DPT Rig-4ft borings capable of continuous sampling up to depth of 40’
  • Hydraulic Conductivity/Permeability by Flexible Wall Permeameter
  • Eagle II Portable PID 6 Channel Gas Meter for Field Screening of Soil and Gas Monitoring Wells
  • YSI professional Multi Probe Units Ground & Surface Waters Field Meters
  • Troxler 3400 and 4600 Series Nuclear Density Gauges to Determine Field Density; Maximum Dry Density and Optimum Moisture of soils and Wet Density of Asphalt

jars samples

Materials & Soil Testing Services Method
Compaction Field Testing Services: In place nuclear moisture/density gauge
Load Bearing Capacity of Soils by Dual Mass Cone Penetrometer
Modified Proctor Density w/sizing ASTM D1557
Standard Proctor Density w/sizing ASTM D698
w/ rock correction ASTM D4718
Hydraulic Conductivity/Permeability by Flexible Wall Permeameter ASTM D5084
Unconfined Compressive Strength ASTM D2166
Soil Classification ASTM D2487; D2488
Atterberg Limits ASTM D4318
Specific Gravity, Soil ASTM D854
Unit Weight/Bulk Density
Moisture ASTM D698
Sieve Analysis, Soil, 5 Sieves ASTM D422
Single sieve & Set Up ASTM D422
Additional Single sieve, Dry ASTM D422
Additional Single sieve, Wet ASTM D422


Concrete Inspection & Testing Services

HawkMtn Labs is your 3rd Party Independent Testing service on-site working with Engineers, Consultants, Project GM / GC, & Owners at each phase of project development to provides on- site inspection and testing of concrete and cement like materials.

Testing of material as it is delivered, the casting of test specimens, transport, storage and curing of said specimens and eventual compressive or flexural strength testing.

ACI Certified Field Concrete Technicians Conduct all necessary ASTM Field Sampling and Testing as specified and agreed upon.

Inspect and validate concrete pour to ensure delivered concrete meets design mix specification and industry standards.

QA reporting to Accurately Document Pour Process and Sampling Event.