Field & Sampling Services

Independent Third Party Sampling & Testing Services
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HawkMtn Labs Provides you with One Integrated Source Labor, Equipment, Materials and Supplies to properly perform in-situ representative sampling.

HawkMtn Labs employs a Staff of full-time Sample Collection Personnel, most of which have been cross-trained to conduct various sampling procedures for soil-water-solid fuel/coal-gas-materials and concrete.

Our Field Staff are trained and fully equipped with vehicles and all necessary equipment and instruments to perform sample collection and processing according to defined protocols and methodologies.

Environmental and chain-of-custody controls are in place to assure that sample processing is accomplished in a consistent environment; data integrity is maintained, ensuring an efficient and timely sample flow.

HML offers courier services and will coordinate daily routes with sample pick-ups from project sites, including their subsequent delivery to the laboratory.

HML has made Application for NELAP Sampling Certification for 2013.

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