Solid Fuel and Coal Testing

coal-lab-analysis-brush-out-table-edgeOur solid fuel testing laboratory has the ability to prep up to 80 samples a day and is equipped to analyze various solid fuels, combustion residues and coal samples up to the large gross weight of 1000 lbs. to 2000 lbs. Significant upgrades to the facilities and analytical instrumentation have allowed us to offer clients rapid turnaround time within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of most samples, while maintaining competitive pricing.

Jeff Gittleman, Laboratory Director and owner of HawkMtn Labs, is an ASTM D5 Coal/Coke committee member, and is actively involved with the members of the group in the review process of existing standards and the development of new methods for the analysis of coal and coal residues. Jeff authored the ASTM D6721 Method, Chloride in Coal which is current acceptable method for determining Chloride in Coal.

solid-fuelIn addition to ‘traditional’ combustion fuel analysis, HMLs stronghold in the Environmental and Materials Testing markets, enable us to provide further enhanced testing for various types of solid fuel; conduct intricate analysis of coal combustion characteristics and trace elements associated with coal and combustion residues, as well as permeability testing and in-place field compaction/ density testing.

HML is able to provide our Solid Fuel/Coal clients with a full spectrum of integrated resources and services for multiple levels of discovery, and throughout various phases of a project or work regime.

Sample Preparation Method
Preparation of Coal for Analysis ASTM D2013
Preparation for Wood samples
Preparation for Tire Derived Fuels ( TDF) ASTM D6700
Gross Sizing: ASTM D4749; D293
Sieve Analysis, Setup ASTM D4749; D293
Single sieve ASTM D4749; D293
Single sieve, Wet ASTM D4749; D293
Sink Float , per gravity per 100 lbs ASTM D4371
Discrete Combustion Analysis
Ash & Moist, LECO ASTM D7582
Btu ASTM D5865
Sulfur ASTM D5016
Volatile ASTM D3175, 7582
Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen (CHN) ASTM D5373
Loss on Ignition (LOI) ASTM D7348
Unburned Carbon ASTM D6316
Free Swelling Index (FSI) ASTM D720
Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI) ASTM D409/D409M
Ash Fusion, reducing atmosphere ASTM D1857
Major Minor Elements ASTM D6349
Trace Metals ASTM D6357
Chlorine ASTM D6721
Fluorine ASTM D3761 Modified
Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine ASTM D3761 Modified
Mercury in coal, Hg ASTM D6722
Selenium ASTM D4606 modified
Sampling/Laboratory Technician ASTM D6883, 5192, D2234
Proximate: Moisture, Ash, Volatiles & Fixed Carbon ASTM D7582/D3175, D3175, D3172
Short Proximate: Moisture, Ash & Btu ASTM D7582, D5865, D3172
Short Proximate w/Sulfur ASTM D7582, D5016, D5865, D3172
Full Proximate: Combination of above packages ASTM D7582/D3175, D5016,
D5865, D3172
Full Proximate/Ultimate: Above package w/ C,H & N ASTM D7582/D3175, D5016, D5865,
D3172D5373, D3176