History of HML

HawkMtn Labs is an Independent, Pennsylvania. The Gittleman & Fields families of Pottsville, PA started HawkMtn Labs in 1985. Initially, the business was established as a recycler of precious metals, but as the regulatory climate changed in the US, industries dictated a need, and we began to service the Anthracite coal industry by monitoring the many abandoned acid mine discharges throughout the region. Over the next few years our services diversified further to include sampling & analysis of Drinking Water, Waste Water and Coal/ Energy Testing.


In the mid 1990s, the business relocated to the Hazleton, PA area. This move proved to be a logistically sound decision. HawkMtn Labs was now in the middle of the Anthracite Region with easy access and proximity to Interstates 80 & 81 and Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike. We were now strategically located and poised to expand our market range and services throughout the Northeast PA Region.

In 1999, Jeff Gittleman, representing the second generation of the family, became the sole owner of HawkMtn Labs. From the time Jeff purchased the family business to present day, HawkMtn Labs has grown and developed significantly.

We continue to service the Coal Industry, but the testing initiatives have changed. Our charge today is to provide high quality solid fuel analysis for coals used in the production of electricity, and to provide support to ensure that the combustion by-products (Fly Ash) returned to our area, for use in reclamation of abandoned mine lands, are nonhazardous, beneficial and acceptable to permitted limits.

Guided by regulatory directives and market demands, HawkMtn Labs has further diversified our Field and Laboratory services to include Geo Technical support with the testing of Soil, Materials & Concrete, and has taken steps to become certified in Field Sampling.

Moving forward, part of our growth and diversification will be realized we as look to the new markets and opportunities that are developing as a result of the activity in and surrounding the Natural Gas Markets in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Regions.

HawkMtn Labs holds certification with International Standards Organization under ISO-9001-2008, has recently made application for ISO 17025, and is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) under State Chapter 252.