Team Coordinators

Derek HerbDerek Herb

Field Sampler Coordinator

Derek is a 2012 graduate from East Stroudsburg University where he received his BS degree in Environmental Science.

Since joining HawkMtn Labs in 2012, Derek has quickly moved up in rank to the position of Field Sampler Coordinator. Derek communicates directly with our clients and Field Staff to ensure that HML Field Samplers are adequately equipped and prepared for upcoming sampling events.

He is responsible for coordinating all field sampling work, from the preparation of bottle-ware, to creating and implementing a timely sampling & pick-up schedule, including the setup of Hach Sigma peristaltic auto samplers, which are utilized to collect composite samples of waste water and surface water. Derek also provides backup support for the materials lab (proctor density, triaxial flexwall permeameters, load frame, concrete break machine, etc). Derek has certifications with ACI and Troxler specializing in concrete and soils and can operate our GeoProbe Direct Push Rigs for various drill jobs and well installation.

Matthew McCauleyMatthew McCauley

Material Lab Coordinator

Matt completed a degree in Computer Science in January 2001. After several years of working in Riverside, CA and Amarillo, TX, he returned home to Northeast PA. Matt began a new career path in construction materials testing in 2006 and has been at it ever since, coming to HawkMtn Labs in April of 2011 as a Lab Technician.

Since then, he has taken over the role of Materials Lab Coordinator and Radiation Safety Officer. Matt performs analysis of ash from coal power plants and other sources for PA DEP’s ash certification program, as well as coordinates field and laboratory testing of materials with HawkMtn’s clients within the construction industry. Other duties include some anthracite coal and filter media analysis. Matt has certifications from ACI, NECEPT, and Troxler, specializing in concrete and soils.