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Field Services

Independent Field Sampling Crews are fully outfitted with pumps - meters - GeoProbe DPT rigs - GPS mapping technology - Troxler Nuclear Density Gauges to conduct and document sampling events. Sampling Services are performed by trained personnel, under established protocols to sample materials, solid fuels, determine field compaction, inspect concrete pours, install –purge and sample ground water wells and sample surface waters.

Analytical Services

Hawk Mtn Labs is equipped with state of the art technology capable of conducting low level evaluations for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi volatile organic compounds(SVOCs), and Metals Wet Chemistry methods, designed to provide you with high quality analysis of drinking water, ground water, waste water, and solid waste characterization.

Materials / Concrete Inspection

Systematic testing and inspection of construction practices and material utilized during construction will ensure that your project specifications and sustainability goals are met. HML works with the Engineers, Consultants, Project GM/GC and Owners at each stage of a project's development. Sub –Base Construction/ Field & Lab Compaction Services-Laboratory Technical Testing - Concrete Inspection & Testing Services

Combustion Lab

Performing coal, solid fuels,and combustion residue testing, our lab is capable of processing up to 80 samples per day to determine the Fuel combustion characterization for solid fuels, mineral and trace element analysis of coals and ash, and hazardous characterization of solid wastes to EPA RCRA specifications. If it burns, most likely we can analyze it.

Hawk Mtn Labs – Committed to Providing Quality Independent Sampling & Testing Since 1985

christine lab pic Serving the Greater Northeast Region of Pennsylvania for almost 30 years, HawkMtn Labs provides an Integrated Resource to assist you with all phases of Sampling, Analysis, Physical Testing & Reporting. You can rely on HawkMtn Labs to handle all facets of your project.

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